Intention, process, rhythm, texture, and observation,  in a three dimensional view best desribes my art. My ultamate goal is to create a compelling work of art that engages the viewer.

My work now, has so far been inspired by the deep southern culture, both past and present, that I didn't notice while living here in the south as a young women. Along with naming a piece, I also give it a definition, so that the viewer can entertain the intention of the piece.

I typically start each piece by building a platform from wood. I then use a variety of materials to achieve the demensions I desire, such as caulking, spray foam insulation, and or paper mache. In this body of work, named " SOUTHERN ROOTS " I've used embossing powders, and reactive paints, which gives me the metal, patina, and rust efects. The reactive paints have a certain amount of unpredictablity, which gives the piece, a life own, after I'm done.